Monday, December 13, 2010


This is for everyone who has been pushing for me to post about my artwork... (and to those same people, thank you for the pushes...I appreciate them.) Some of them still don't have names, so I labeled them how they feel. The colors look more vivid in real life, but I am super grateful to even have pictures of them, so it's ok. You get the general feel for them... So here ya go...

All the min-escapes

Sea Cove

E41...the favored goose in the E-flock.

Flower Hill

The first... Forgotten Lake

Cave. This one's actually reversible...painted it purposely on square canvas for that reason. I actually prefer it upside down.

Second Fall. One of my favorites.

Heartsongs...and sister... If it needed a title, think I would call this one Gift

Little Brother...another favorite


Kass' Wood


Dragon Mountains

Starhill. This was one of the first set; it's really special to my heart. Thought it was for me...turns out it was meant for someone else.

This one is mine... Ice dream

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 5th, 12:57

What is it about this time of night

12:32, that wakes me up and pulls at my heart?

Closet, and order, and…someone there,

but it's gone when I reach for it,

grasping at fog

The words fade quickly, ghosts to describe

and the adrenaline fades fast, leaving only clear head

multiple or not, at this time of night

I do not own my head,

I can not hold my thoughts.