Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SeaWorld, Day One

So I finally got my pictures organized from my SeaWorld birthday trip. I took a lot of pictures, so I am going to put them out in clumps. So here's the first set.

The Dashboard pets... The dog is Reba's, but I can't remember it's name. The seal is Harvey, and he is Snow's pet, and the little moose is named Marty. He's the pet-in-training for Petree, the van. He kept jumping off the dashboard too, and getting lost on the floor of the van. That's part of why he's still an "in-training"...

Looking back from the front seat. I am not sure what kind of face Alice is making, and the boys are just a lump of blankets...and I think there's a hand in there somewhere.

Me, looking happy in my favorite t-shirt.

This was the first view we had of the water, in San Diego. It wasn't the open ocean, but it was still salt water, so it counts. On trips to the ocean, I always watch for that moment when you top the last hill, and see the ocean spread out before you. But this trip was different; it didn't happen like that. I guess we took a different route... We didn't see the water in the bay until we were already in the city.

Pulling into the parking lot

Welcome to Sea World! I liked this sign. It seemed very happy, and I thought the black and white border is cool.

Jeru and I, waiting for the BlueHorizons show to start

The BlueHorizons stage. We got there just in time for the show to start, so we were waaaaaay up in the stands. On our second day at the park we actually went back and saw this show again, sitting in the splash zone. I'm glad we went twice, because it was different the second time. This first time they had pilot whales performing in the show. I love pilot whales! I think they might be my favorite whale...it's a toss-up between them and belugas... I also loved all the little bubble-thingies decorating the tops of the waves

The outside penguins. They smelled really strongly of fish.

All of the penguins had their own individual bands on their wings. I thought it was cute. It was fun to watch them swim as well. They floated a lot higher in the water than I would've thought...

This penguin was resting in the shade of the bush. It reminded me of a dog, just chillin under a bush.

I thought this was a really cool sign. I liked it... "highly specialized birds, hostile but beautiful environment."

Incubator boxes used to bring back penguin eggs.

A very clever tactic for egg-checking.

Inside the penguin house. It was really cold, and fishy, and very cool. Penguins are really neat birds.

I took this picture because I didn't know the answer to it, and I'm always interested in a fact I don't know. Alcids...who knew?

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  1. I knew! I've seen auklets, murres, and guillemots...no puffins...yet.