Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chips and Tumblers

Howdy all! It's obviously been a long time. A looooong time... *shrug* I have a crazy life at times, what can I say? that I'm back, I figured I would ease my way back into the blogging waters with a picture. It's a starling. When I'm on my half hour break at work, I sit in my car, listen to music and read, and feed the birds. I keep a bag of tortilla chips in my car, and I crumble them up and toss them out my open window, and then wait. The chip-loving crowd is normally composed of grackles and those little sparrow-type birds, (I am not sure if that's what they actually are...) but lately there has been this really pretty one that has joined in. I had been calling it a tumbler, because it has a really short tail for a bird (it looked like it could tumble over midair if it wanted), but when I described it to my Mama she said that it was a starling. I had never known what a starling looked like before, but I had read about them in books, and they always sounded like a pretty bird. And now I've seen one. They are beautiful birds! So here's a picture for you... The first one is a male grackle, the second is the starling.


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