Friday, July 15, 2011

If a title is needed, then the message has been missed...

And all the clues are here, floating on the wind

They weave and break, but you must be willing to hear

Are you listening to the music…?

Can you feel its swells, won't you ride with it?

It is calling,

it wants to take you along,

are you listening?

For it sings all the questions that don't have answers,

and all the answers that have yet to be found,

heartache and break, and shards restored

motes of sunshine, a mother's hugs,

rain and storms

won't you join the flow?

It is calling, it wants you to be a part,

but are you listening?

Listen, listen,

listen to her calls

Listen, listen, to the waves of sound

intricate melodies weaving light

Listen with your heart,

listen with your soul

The part of you that needs no words,

the part that everyone has

and most have forgotten.

Or dulled

or ignored

or have become deaf to.

But she is still there,

the music is always there

Singing through the white noise,

calling through the backgrounds.

It is bigger than you

and bigger than me,

but we are meant to be a part

and add our songs, small through they are.

For the layers of harmony shall build, and have been building,

through time and space and

life and pain,

and they will keep building 'til the end.

For this is how it is meant to be.

Come, please,

come and sing with us,

Sing and join,

and build upon this song

Won't you listen to this music?

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